Sabtu, 03 September 2011


actually my birthday on the 2nd of  September, but I just had time to post  this on 3 September. I'm so glad about my fourteen of this.  yes, many are  saying "happy birthday"  to me! hmm,  thanks for kadavi say "happy birthday" to me at midnight! thank you very much dear! :* aaand , yaa thank you very much for abang, mich, mom, dad, my sister that is also saying "happy birthday" at midnight :) others is also, I'm very very grateful for your prayers and congratulations to me! aw aw aw , all of you that I loved :* mumumu.. hihihi. and arrived at dinner, I celebrate with my family! but I'm  is also going to celebrate it with kadavi at tomorrow morning, I had to postpone the 2nd dates with him because he was away in Magelang. hmm , i will always miss him :)

 I wore this dress  at dinner last night

 I love this ring because it was so cute! :3

I hope at my age FOURTEEN , I could be better than before and given the ease of it all. amin! :) #smile

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