Sabtu, 30 April 2011

oh oh oohh 'bites chocolate'

I think that, I really chocolate maniac. hahhaa Lol xD  
yes, I really liked the chocolate is so sweet and delicious :3 and I will go shopping chocolate . hehehee .

Senin, 25 April 2011

taylor swift 'cover ' mean

Olivia Mitchell and Jayme Dee

Olivia said : *in youtube .
i am sooo pumped about this video!! my friend Jayme Dee (her youtube channel is ) is singing with me in this. she is a Popular Music vocalist at USC and basically is amazing at singing. sooo we decided to make a video together and we ended up doing "mean" by taylor swift. we recorded the video on a sony dsc-h20 camera and the audio with a sterling audio mic. let me know what you think and pleaseeee post this link wherever you can! thanks guys :) subscribe to both of us!

and check also this one .. -->

Tiffany Alvord and Jake coco -> in you tube .

Tiffany said :
I love this song, "Mean" by Taylor Swift, so I decided to team up with Jake Coco and do a cover of it! Taylor said this song was about all of her mean critics, and I think it has a great message! If you don't have anything nice to say....then don't say anything at all

Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Happy Saturday 'dinner with my family'

emmh, yeeh ! night this week, I was satisfied that having dinner with my family . food that my message is also fit and place in the diner museum inggil . so, check here and stopped exactly on Malang city .

Thanks for today , i'm very happy now . hahahaa , lol :D

Saturday Dinner

taking the time to photo, hehehe :D . only briefly :3 . try to look simple but has a cool impression. I tried to combine the red skirt that has a lace with short sleeves are patterned crowded. little sweetener that is a bracelet and using wedges. let's get rock !

  i' very confused , Lol xD

 ttrrtt..ttrrtt..ttrrt.. "message from my friend that fussy" . wait for me, I will soon follow. he he hee :D

thanks for your attention . hohoho -o- bye :3