Senin, 01 Agustus 2011


it’s Friday, Friday. gotta get down on Friday. everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. Friday, friday . gettin’ down on Friday. everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend... partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah) . partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah). fun, fun, fun, fun . lookin’ forward to the weekend i'm just kidding . in fact it was not songs. #ups :x sorry rebecca i did not insult you just a little joke. lol .. and precisely on Friday, my school held a costume party. is not actually a costume party, but I think like that. hehe :D -..-

me, riana and pipink

adel, vio, revy, gaby, pipink, dian and riana

me, ellaa, paramitha, pipink, riana, dian, and aisyah

adel, gugun, me, dewi and ellaa

Farid, Kevin and me

hahaha. LOL -_-


me and deryan

me and pipink

that day is the happiest day for me. because it was really fun. haha, enjoy together :) and see you next post.

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